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Kendo 161 pc Aluminium Case Tool Set

1pc 200mm flat files 1pc crimping plier 1pc 250mm water pump plier
1pc 150mm combination pliers 
1pc 150mm side cutting plier
1pc 150mm long nose pliers 
5pc mini chisel & punch1pc 225mm torpedo level 
1pc 150mm mini hacksaw8pc saw blades 
1pc 18mm snap-off knife10pc 18mm knife blades 
1pc 180mm multi-function scissors1pc 140mm tester 
2pc precision screwdriver 
7pc screwdriver 3x755x100 6x1258x150PH0x75PH1x100PH2x125mm 
9pc hex key with ball end1.52-2.5 3456810mm 
9pc combination spanner8101112 1315171922 mm 
1pc 200mm combination wrench 
1pc 300G machinist hammer1pc 150mm caliper 
1pc 3mx16mm tape measure1pc spinner handle 
40pc 1/4" bits 25mm(L)15pc 5/16" bits25mm(L) 
2pc ratchet handle 1/2"Dr & 1/4"Dr1pc 1/4"x1/4" coupler 1pc 1/2"x5/16" coupler 
2pc 1/2"Drspark plug socket 16&21mm 
2pc universal joint1/4" & 1/2"Dr2pc extension bar1/4" 50mm & 100mm 
2pc extension bar1/2" 125mm & 250mm1pc sliding bar1/4"Dr 115mm 
1pc socket adapter 3/8"(F)x1/2"(M) 
1pc 1/4"x1/4" flexible bar 10pc 1/4"Dr sockets45-67891011 121314 mm 
14pc 1/2"Dr sockets12131415171819 20212214L=38mm273032 L=42mm 
1pc Aluminium Case 

CODE: KEN90703

0 in stock


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