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Different extinguishing m ediums are available for specific classes of fire which necessitates the assessment of the type of hazard in the particular area you are protecting in order to maximizethe effectiveness of the extinguisher you are going to have available in a fire emergency.

.Dry Chemical portable fire extinguishers are the most widely used of all types of extinguishers.
Range of stored pressure dry chemical powder extinguishers is suitable for class A (combustible materials), class B (flammable or combustible liquids) an d/or class C (electrical) fires or a combination of ABC class fires. All the extinguishers supplied conform to the minimum fire ratings as specified in SANS 1910:2009.
They are highly effective for electrical hazards. This multi-purpose extinguisher interf eres with the combustion process and provides rapid fire knock down. They are ideal for mixed fire risk environments and especially suited for protection for liquids, storage of liquid gases and heating oils used for industry, garages and workshops.
All fire extinguisher maintenance requirements must be performed by SANS 1475 accredited It is important to use the appropriate extinguisher for the type of substance that is burning (wood, oil, electrics, etc.) as shown by the classification below:
Class A:~suitable for combustible materials such as paper, wood, cardboard and most plastics.
Class B:~required when the fire involves flammable or combustible liquids such as petrol, kerosene, grease and oil.
Class C:~best suited for fires involving electrical equipment such as appliances, wiring,circuit breakers and outlets. NB: Never use water to extinguish class C fires!



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